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Type B Roof Deck Type B Roof Deck

Type B Roof Deck

Type B Roof Deck is a structural deck panel with 1.5" deep ribs, 6 " o.c. for an overall cover width of 36". The panel is available crimp curved (convex or concave)
G-90 Galv. Steel
G-60 Galv. Steel
22, 20, 18 
22, 20, 18 
Panel Cover Width: 36 Panel Arc Length: Cut to customer specifications (26- 0 max std.; inquire if longer required) Finish: G-60 or G-90 Bare Galvanized or Galvanized plus Prime Painted Curving:  	Convex - 42" min. radius (22 ga) 	Concave - 42" min. radius (22 ga)  Minimum Radius Will Vary withGauge and Intrinsic Properties of the Specific Substrate Plain or Acoustical Optional Services: Deck Layout Drawings Toll Curving (Deck must be 50 ksi max.) Straight Metal Deck